Abolition Action believes in building community by holding space for each others’ needs. We use mutual aid to expand our community and show solidarity with those in the struggle.


Community Not Cops Calls (Abolition Action & Mutual Aid NYC)

In summer 2020, we began collaborating with Mutual Aid NYC and a variety of knowledgeable groups to host and facilitate virtual meetings with interactive practice zones to try out and build skills with the tools in our zine, Abolition: How We Keep Us Safe (such as
eviction defense, mental health crisis
response, deescalation, self-defense,
etc). You can join the calls every
Wednesday 6-7:30 PM, starting
August 5th (ideally with a group of
local friends or neighbors) via this
, or this dial-in number (for NY-
based participants--others are in
the event description on our
calendar): 1-646-558-8656

         Abolition: How We Keep Us Safe

         In spring and summer 2020 we worked with various contributors to collect, create and
         contextualize tools for strengthening relationships with our neighbors and local
         friends, meeting each others needs, and responding to crises without cops. This
         work culminated in a zine, available here.  

Covid-19 Grocery Fund
The Abolition Action Grocery Fund was established on March 12, 2020 to assist New Yorkers during the citywide Covid-19 lockdown. The fund raised over $41,000, all of which went directly to people who submitted fund requests. Due to the overwhelming number of fund requests and AAG’s small size, we shuttered our independent fund and rolled it up into a
NYC DSA citywide mutual aid fund.


Covid-19 Grocery Delivery
The Grocery Delivery service spun off from the Grocery Fund to assist those who need groceries delivered to their homes.

Holiday 2019 Thermals Fundraiser

In mid-December 2019 we held a rom-com movie night to raise funds to buy thermals for incarcerated people. We raised over $200 and donated the thermal underwear to the Brooklyn Defenders.

Abolition Action is a New York City-based, porous collective that creatively resists carceral systems and mindsets. We do this by starting from the self and building outward; holding space for healing and learning; and acting in solidarity with other abolitionist, anti-capitalist groups and people impacted by carcerality. We recognize the emergent and organic nature of our collective action. Read more about us here.