Political Education


Our roots are in political education; Abolition Action sprouted out of a NYC DSA Socialist Feminist reading group on prison abolition. We believe that we are learning and growing always, and make space to learn and grow together through political education. 


                       Abolition: How We Keep Us Safe practice space calls 

        In 2020 we worked with various contributors to collect, create and
        contextualize tools for strengthening relationships with our neighbors and local
        friends, meeting each others needs, and responding to crises without cops. This
        work culminated in a zine, available in its first edition here.


                       8 Tools Bigger than the Ballot  

        You've voted (or not) - now what? In this mini zine, we compiled 8 tools for building power

        supplemented by local and online resources to get plugged in and learn more.

Being Abolition WorkshopWe are currently developing an intro-to-Abolition workshop, currently scheduled to take place in late summer 2020. Stay tuned for information on how to attend.

Creative Interventions Toolkit September 2019 Reading Group
Abolition Action read the CIT together to familiarize ourselves with non-carceral ways to resolve conflict. The Creative Interventions Toolkit is available for free
This Toolkit promotes an approach called community-based interventions to violence or what some call community accountability or transformative justice as a way to break isolation and to create solutions to violence from those who are most affected by violence – survivors and victims of violence, friends, family and community. It asks us to look to those around us to gather together to create grounded, thoughtful community responses. It builds on our connections and caring rather than looking at solutions that rely only on separation and disconnections from our communities. It invites us to involve even those who harm us as potential allies in stopping that harm and as active partners in deeply changing attitudes and behaviors towards a solution to violence. It expands the idea of violence and its solutions from that between individuals to one that includes communities – both close and intimate communities and the broader communities of which we are a part. 
Here is a selection of guiding questions from our series of discussions.

NYC DSA Spring 2019 Prison Abolition Reading Group Syllabus

This is where the magic started for Abolition Action. You can check out the readings here.

Abolition Action is a New York City-based, porous collective that creatively resists carceral systems and mindsets. We do this by starting from the self and building outward; holding space for healing and learning; and acting in solidarity with other abolitionist, anti-capitalist groups and people impacted by carcerality. We recognize the emergent and organic nature of our collective action. Read more about us here.