Issue 4- January 2020

Happy New Year from Jailbreak!, a digest of NYC-anchored prison abolition ideas, updates, and events. If you're just joining, Jailbreak! is produced by the Abolition Action Group (AAG), which emerged in early 2019 out of a NYC-DSA Socialist Feminists reading group.  You can reach AAG or request to join our listserv here, learn about our other projects and organize with us in the #abolitionaction and #jailbreak Slack channels here, and submit events and article/art pitches for future issues here

Feature Article: The Profits of Prisons Aren't Just Big 

A window into how prison-industries and the criminal-punishment system at large sustain the capitalist state In this piece, an AAG member explores the regulation of prison-communications industries alongside the growth of JPay- the so-called "Apple of prisons." The piece was inspired by the recent distribution of free "JP4" tablets amongst almost every person incarcerated in New York State prisons and conversations with someone in one of those facilities, who spoke to the writer about the insidious implications of such a distribution. Informed by reading material from the prison abolition reading group that spawned AAG, the investigation is an anti-capitalist critique that unpacks how purchasing power is inherent to criminalization in age of 21st capitalism and mass incarceration.

FTP 3 begins Friday, January 31st at 5 pm at Grand Central Terminal

For more info, visit DTP's website

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Soundbites for Skeptics

"Nah. We should remove them from the power to dominate others and hoard resources, but keeping them in cages without sunlight wouldn’t solve anything but the desire for revenge."

"Prisons and police exist to protect the social order. Even if such tools could be used against powerful individuals, police and prisons would still be tools for concentrating power in the hands of a future ruling class. The problem is not who is in power, but the power structure itself."

"If we have the power to put all the billionaires who enriched themselves off the backs of working people in jail, we have the power to take their wealth and destroy their power more concretely than jailing them ever could. If we have the power to put every killer cop in jail, we have the power to build a real movement for transformative justice that can bring real healing to all of our communities."

"In a just society, such people wouldn't exist in the first place."

What We're Reading

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